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california skyline

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dappled light water

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my banana tree

backyard banana tree

It’s great that the weather in California is warm enough for the banana plant to thrive.

I was very pleased when I noticed that the banana tree in the backyard was bearing fruits. We did have banana trees in my childhood home in Asia, but I never really bothered to see how the fruit grew.

So this time around, it was very interesting to watch the process. The cone-shaped piece at the bottom of the bunch of bananas is actually a delicacy in Malay cooking. It is know as jantung pisang, literally means the heart of the banana. It is usually cooked in a coconut milk based curry/gravy.

The ripened fruit has a firmer texture and a creamier flavor than the store-bought ones.

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wetland birds

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Dianthus is a hardy plant, flowering in all the seasons.

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navel orange closeup

Added a fun touch to the tree: two feathered creatures from the crafts store.

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backyard  orange tree

The backyard orange trees harvest is a little early this year.

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hong kong orchid

The Hong Kong Orchid tree, a favorite of the hummingbirds, in full springtime bloom.

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plants near water

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hummingbird flowers collage

  • The hummingbird is native to the Americas, and the hummingbird is the only bird that can fly backwards.
  • Every time I see a hummingbird, especially one that is feeding on the nectar of a flower, it is truly an enchanting moment for me.

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