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Lubern quilts with care, for caring people.

You could call it a “care quilt”. A quilt to keep you warm, and Lubern Nunley gives his quilts to people whom he considers warm and caring, and who also cares about others.

Lubern says that he quilts “from the heart”, putting together quilts for friends and families; for special occasions like weddings, anniversaries, graduations or “just because”. He has had people offering to buy his quilt, or wanting to custom-order, but Lubern prefers to keep a no-sale approach to his craft.

He quilts in two ways: one from a pattern and the other is known as scrap quilting. For the latter, he begins by creating a centerpiece, then adding pieces like a puzzle.

I have seen Lubern’s quilts created this way, and I find it fascinating the way the pieces harmonize in terms of color or the connecting sense of the designs. I think one has to have an instinctive aesthetic propensity to make such a quilt.

Often, the designs are inspired by facets of the personality or interest of the future recipient of the quilt.

Lubern is the third generation of his family skilled in the art of sewing and quilting. “My mother learned quilting from my grandmother. Then she had us boys, no girls. But she was determined that we become self-sufficient in both studies and life skills, picking up on how to cook, clean and sew,” he said.

A visit to a quilting convention in 2003 inspired Lubern to devote more time and passion to quilting. Since then, he has made over 300 quilts . He has sent them to family and friends in various cities in the United States as well as abroad to countries such as Holland and Greece. A patchwork of colors from San Jose, California – quilted with affection and love.


Lubern likes warm, bright colors.


Lubern has a big collection of fabrics and scraps available to fire his creativity.


Blue and purple are among his favorite colors.

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role of memory

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