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green parrots flowers california

Colors illuminate our world.

And spring bring its own special set of hues. And even through May’s temperamental days – some days aglow with the brightest sunlight, some days cloudy grey as though awashed with indecision – one is entertained by glimpses of the colors.

For me, the best ones are the purple blooms of the jacaranda trees and the green parrots that make a bigger appearance in Southern California at this time of the year.

Their squawking signals their presence. I rush out of the back door following the direction of the sounds. Vibrant green with dashes of red and yellow. Seeing them is a gift of constant amazement.

They fly in groups and in pairs, heralding another spring; another time to view their green against the sky.


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carnation images

The carnation is the birth month flower for January. Carnations symbolize fascination, gratitude and loyalty.

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bellagio troubadour floral dispaly

This Italian Troubadour figure was also part of the Bellagio Gardens summer display. It used

1,000 stems of flowers including red and peach carnations.

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floral display swans

The Bellagio Gardens in Las Vegas is a must-see for those who love flowers and creativity. The lavish floral displays change with the seasons. This summer, the theme was inspired by the romantic landscapes of Italy.

This swan display used over 10,000 feathers, hand-bleached and air-fluffed to add volume. Twelve artists and craftsmen were involved in the design and execution.

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cat flowers

This one is alert, traipsing through the daisies, even though they are fake.

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butterfly purple flowers

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pastel petals

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