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Hari Raya in Los Angeles

The bright colors of the decorations and the national costumes added a tropical touch to the celebration.

One of the most popular events of the Eid season in Southern California is the Hari Raya gathering hosted by the Consul-General of Malaysia.

This year, members of the Malaysian community here as well as guests from other Southeast Asian countries made their way to the Arcadia community centre in Los Angeles county for the festive event. Some came from as far as Las Vegas and San Diego.

There was a great spread of three kinds of rice: steamed rice, nasi minyak (ghee rice), and tomato rice served with curries and and a variety of cakes and cookies, including traditional Malay desserts.

People took the time to catch up with each other. And this time, it was also a chance to meet the new Consul-General Mr Nekmat Ismail and his wife Madam Ramlah Hamid.

Malay songs filled the air, mixed with the social chatter as another Southern California celebration and tradition marked the year.

Nekmat Ismail

The Consul General and his wife surprised the guests with a song.

Malaysian festival

Two young men from the community who volunteered to serve the food.

Malay desserts

I'm always delighted to find traditional Malay desserts in California, especially my favorite, putu kacang (top,middle) made from green bean flour.

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Landau wins wth smooth style

Landau...great voice and a feel-good story. (Pic: Nbc Universal/dailymail.com )

I’m  glad that Landau Eugene Murphy Jr. won the “America’s Got Talent” Season Finale with his very enjoyable rendition of Frank Sinatra’s “My Way”.

He is such a smooth, talented singer, with a style that makes it seem so effortless.

I was also struck by something he said in one of the clips before his performance. “Don’t stereotype me…because I’ll come outside the box for something else,” he said with a smile.

Well, I really dislike people stereotyping others. And there are people in this world who have low expectations of others, and behave according, based on how an individual looks.

Landau has shown that one can rise above the perceptions of others, and excel at something you love.

“A Star is Born” – many people on the Net are using this phrase to describe his journey in this competition. From working at the car wash to his success, Landau exemplifies the American story and spirit of second chances and plugging at your dream.

Landau, we look forward to more of your music.

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political cartoon

("Removed from Power" cartoon courtesy of Mike Luckovich/The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. )

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