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This one is sure to please cat people and animal lovers. I saw a clip of the cat sanctuary on the “Inside Edition” TV program earlier this week.

Craig Grant has dedicated a 30-acre property in Florida as a home for unwanted cats.

It started when his son was not able to take care of his cat Pepper, and requested Grant to take his cat. Grant grew to love Pepper and her kittens deeply, and soon he was taking in stray cats. The number of cats  snowballed to 150, and then 500.

Using his own money, Grant has designed and built the Caboodle Ranch like a real town for the felines. The “town” is complete with its own police department, town hall, school and a Wal Mart. What fun!

And when I was watching the clip below, the grey-blue houses kind of remind me of kampung houses or tropical structures.

As one can imagine, it takes a lot to feed and care for the cats. In a report in Examiner.com, Grant said that he relies on his own generosity as well as from donations he generates from his website.

It’s enjoyable to watch the cats frolicking in their own little town, and I’m quite sure it will put a smile on your face.

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Tiger Woods is set to move on beyond his scandal, with his press conference. An intriguing question remains: what are his and Elin’s hopes for the future of their marriage.

From his statement, it looks like Tiger and Elin want to try to make the marriage work. That is admirable, especially considering that they are the parents of two young children. The couple may have all the best marriage counsellors at their disposal, as well as advice from their agents, media consultants, friends and family. But I believe the crucial question they each have to ask themselves is: what do they truly want from the marriage.

"I ran straight through the boundaries that a married couple should live by."

It is not a platitude to say that it takes hard work and commitment to build a fulfilling, happy and stable marriage. Like any relationship, you have to invest time and emotions to get back what you put in. And like any relationship that takes two to tango, there has to be a meeting line where interest, needs, desires and values meet or are on the same wavelength.

Where do these lines meet for these two individuals?

Tiger: not ready for monogamy. Elin: for love or luxury? (Pic: AP)

It appears that Tiger is not ready for monogamy. There is a reason why “open marriages” do not work: monogamy is an essential building block for developing trust and loyalty,  two qualities that can cause a marriage to crumble when they are absent.

To start over again, he has to commit to being faithful, despite the temptations and the groupies that will continue to be around him.

Why does Elin really want to stay? Possibly, she still loves him. The issue is whether she can restart from a clean slate and trust him when he’s on tour, away from her. Many women wouldn’t want to be in a relationship where you’re on the edge of suspicion of your partner all the time. Not a conducive way to live, unless she thinks it’s worth hanging around for a bigger divorce payday later on.

My guess is that they would probably stay together, at least for some time. And for what reasons? Only Tiger and Elin know.

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Wishing you and me:

Love in its many forms.

The unconditional love of our pets.

Love of everyday, simple joys; and

Of nature’s artistry.

Happy Valentine’s Day

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