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memoHave you met someone who says the most ridiculous things, but thinks he or she is so smart and knows everything?

I’m sure most of us have. And, unfortunately or fortunately, depending on your perspective, Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann fits the bill.

She has said the strangest, most ridiculous things,  and some netizens have described Bachmann and her logic as a ‘gift that keeps on giving’ for the Democrats. In fact,there is now a website dedicated to her words.

The Politico reports on April 28: “Democrats just can’t get enough of Rep. Michele Bachmann, the always controversial, always quotable Minnesota Republican.

In fact, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has built a website — http://www.bachmannwatch.com — devoted entirely to Bachmann’s
rhetoric, slamming what they believe are overstatements or exaggerations about everything from ACORN to the stimulus.

“The same woman who once said Congress should be investigated for those with anti-American leanings and once argued that she couldn’t support the economic recovery act because America was ‘running out of rich people,’” the site blares.”

She has also alluded to a link between the swine flu and Democrats  “I find it interesting that it was back in the 1970s that the swine flu broke out then under another Democrat president Jimmy Carter. And I’m not blaming this on President Obama, I just think it’s an interesting coincidence.” Bachmann said in an interview with PajamasTV.

Apparently, her facts are wrong. Several media have pointed out that it was Republican President Gerald Ford, and not Carter, who led the country during the last outbreak of the virus. And what is she trying to imply?

Does Ms Bachmann think before she speaks? If she represents the younger batch of Republican leaders, then, good luck GOP.

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(Photo from The Star)

(Photo from The Star)

On this home trip to Asia , while resting in a hotel in Petaling Jaya and surfing through the television channels, I was pleased to catch Zoom in @RTM featuring Sheila Majid.

I’ve always loved her songs, and they are among the ones that I listen to most in my life in California. Needless to say, living away from Asia, I seldom get to see her perform “live” over the television, so this was an extra treat.

You know how it is, listening to your favorite songs after a lapse of years adds another layer of memories and significance. And I can see that response on the faces of her many fans in the audience.

And it is always a pleasure to see a true professional perform with passion and authenticity. Additional, one always admire artistes and creative individuals who continue to reinvent themselves and at the same time, remain true to the style or essence that garnered them all their fans.

Sheila was all these on this show.

At the same time, she alluded to herself now being in her 40s and needed an occasional breather by changing her pace with slower songs. I bring this up, as I have observed and believe that many women hit the second prime of their beauty in their 40s.

It is not the kind of youthful beauty of a woman in her 20s . But it is a “fuller” kind of beauty. I believe that going through the rough and tumble and challenges of life, falling and getting up again adds strength, and a certain kind of radiance to a woman’s looks. Sheila has gone through such challenges, such as her very public divorce, and she has developed that “fuller” beauty.

Earlier in the day, I had savored a plate of Hainanese Chicken Rice, later watched the skyline of Kuala Lumpur. And to top it all with a performance by one of Malaysia’s and Malay songs’ best singers, made it a really enjoyable day.

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