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pink elephant

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pink flowers

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ducks park

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birds of a feather

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fun sighting

It was fun to see the shape of the trunk and two small eyes of a baby elephant face on the cotton piece on the left.

be humble

The park was quiet. The walk, especially looking at the trees, was invigorating to both body and mind.

I gazed at the cotton tree, and the cotton looked like white gloves.
Then on the one on the left, a baby elephant face emerged. Can you see it, too?

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  • A time and place to lounge, preferably with an escapist novel.
  • The beach, or somewhere with water, to refresh the senses and spirit.
  • A day at the park, to appreciate the natural beauty of this country.
  • A pot of annual flowers, to enjoy the intense, vibrant colors of summer.

Sunny days bring out the explorer in us. Location: Morro Bay, California.

A place to dream, engrossed in a good read.

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