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bedroom window

A small room can come with a big bonus.

That thought came to my mind as I was thinking about my recent switch of bedrooms.

When the master bedroom was undergoing some repairs, I moved to the guest room, primarily as a temporary place to get a good night’s sleep.

I don’t often use the guest room myself. It’s considerably smaller than the master, but as I soon found out, it has a big advantage.

The master bedroom faces the wall separating my house from my neighbor’s.

The guest room looks out into the backyard and the morning sun. When I look out of the window in the morning, I see the flowering tree that I have nurtured, and beyond that, a row of tall fir tress in the surrounding neighborhood comes into view.

Just outside the window, there is a good-sized hibiscus shrub. The smaller birds like to flit among the branches.

I think someone in the neighborhood leaves pieces of bread in their yard. Birds carry these morsels of found food to the hibiscus bush to hide them or to enjoy them in solitude. Sometimes, the bread picker is followed and trailed by other birds, swooping into the bush, quarreling and chirping madly over the bread – mimicking the behavior of humans.

In the afternoon, a series of movements entertains. As the weather warms up, I’ve hung a set of lighter, floral curtains. These flutter with the breeze, while on the other side of the window pane, the hibiscus leaves gently shake.

I supposed I’m permanently ensconced in this room, even though the master bedroom has been fully repaired. I have made my new bedroom as comfortable as I can. But perhaps I should be careful not to amplify these efforts much further, just in case I’ll be tempted to find excuses to linger in the room. And neglect the chores and business that need to be done.

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cineraria houseplant

The cineraria plant came to my home as a gift. I have to admit that was my first acquaintance with the plant, so I had to find out more about it.

Cineraria can be either a houseplant or an outdoor plant, grown in semi shade. The charming little flowers bloom from winter through spring, providing a much welcomed note of gaiety.

The flowering plant is a native of the Canary Islands, and comes in shades if purple, pink and blue.

The guide that came with the plant states that it needs frequent watering and needs bright filtered light. It does appear to be light and temperature sensitive as it started to wilt when I first placed it near a window. Then I moved it to a cooler spot where it seems to be happier.

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