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spring flowers purple orange

While walking in the garden center, I came across these plants and thought that they would make good companions.

The one with the bigger, bold flowers is purple sun osteospermum. It is said to attract butterflies and bees. The one with smaller flowers has a lovely name: sea pink. I found out that sea pink thrives in coastal areas where few other plants can grow well. Thus, its name.

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bee hong kong orchid

  • According to scientists, the colors that most attract bees are purple, violet and blue.
  • Another fascinating thing is that bees have hair on their eyes. The hairs’ function is to detect wind direction and speed.

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garden roses

Life lesson from my garden: There is always a season, an interest, an act of kindness or friendship that will help us bloom, at any age.

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my garden oranges

Navel oranges from my backyard tree.

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yellow flower

Abutilon palmeri, also known as Palmer’s Indian Mallow, is a California native plant that blooms almost continuously throughout the year.

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bright daisies

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Pink Glow

delicate rose

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cue from nature

March marches in with an invisible tempo of energy. March makes one feel that the serious business of the year has really begun.

The daffodils have already burst with color. The birds have returned.

Should I still be meandering, “germinating” ideas instead of buckling down and really working?

Soon the cold will no longer be an excuse. I need to march along with March.

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