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orange brightens the setting.

Roses and ranunculus added a vibrant note to the Inauguration Luncheon setting. (Pic: politico/AP)

It’s been an eventful week for the nation, watching the second Inauguration of President Obama.

One of the most outstanding moments for me was when President Obama stopped and looked back as he left the Inauguration ceremony.

As he walked up the steps, the President turned to look back at all the people in the Mall and the whole scene before him, and paused.

He could be heard saying: “I want to take a look one more time. I’m not going to see this again.”

To me, that was a very human part of the event.

 Another thing, more in the realm of colors and beauty, that caught my eyes was the vibrant floral arrangements at the Inaugural Luncheon.

According to reports, the bouquets consisted of roses and ranunculus in shades of peach, coral and orange.

I’ve always loved the ranunculus, and it was just lovely to see how the orange ranunculus added to the beauty of the arrangements.

That spurred me to visit the garden center, and there they were; the first few ranunculus plants have arrived in anticipation of spring.

obama second inauguration

The President took one more look at the Inauguration scene.(Pic:dailyfinance/cspan)

Flowers and final preparations for the Inauguration Luncheon held in the Statuary Hall. (Pic: nbcnews)

Flowers and final preparations for the Inauguration Luncheon held in the Statuary Hall. (Pic: nbcnews)

inauguration lunch flowers

Orange ranunculus played a role in adding beauty to the Inauguration Luncheon.

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nature and happiness

Seeing a rainbow brings out the child in everyone.

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The Hong Kong Orchid in full boom. And  along the way, it also took on fascinating shapes.

Spending time in the garden has taught me a lot of things.

Not just about plants and soil, but also other things, such as developing patience. Being patient, while waiting for a seed to sprout, or for a new plant to show buds of color and beauty. Being patient while the plants shuts down for winter, or shed its leaves, looking bare and undecorative.

I also learn that some plants may not root, and also sometimes, you can’t give up on a wilting plant, and that it can be nurtured back to health.

But walking in my garden in late summer, I was reminded of a life lesson I had been guilty of forgetting: that in my focus to reach my destination, I sometimes forget to really enjoy the journey or the stops along the way.

It took several walks in the morning or early evening for me to notice the flowers in various stages of bloom. It was as though I had never really paid attention to this before.

The Hong Kong Orchid, in its first few stages of blooms, astounded me with a geometrical-like shape. The baby plumeria spiraled outward with verve, reminding me of a top.

The flowers “talked” to me. And so I have to thank my garden for leading me back to this awareness. Thus, this year, I will remind myself that on the way to my goal or to whatever else I desire, I will be mindful to enjoy the journey, and not just the destination.

flowers and life lesson

The bud took on a crisp, geometric angle as the petals unfold.

journey of flowers

The plumeria in full bloom.

journey of flowers

I was fascinated by the way the baby plumeria spiraled outwards.

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