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“From small beginnings come great things.”


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beautiful roses

It's easy to be drawn to these vibrant charmers.

It’s the season when roses bloom. A good time to visit the San Jose Municipal Rose Garden.

The garden features about 4,000 roses representing 200 varieties. An interesting fact about the garden: it was once a prune orchard. It was bought by the city in 1927 and became devoted exclusively to roses.

What I like most about the varieties is that whether you like roses with intense hues or those with subtle, delicate shades, they all can be found in this garden.

It is said that the rose is the most popular flower in the world, and in the United States, the rose is named as the favorite flower of 85% of Americans.

A walk in this garden not only enables one to linger and “take time to smell the roses”, but also to invite the colors of nature into one’s day.

peach roses

I kept admiring the exquisite form of the petals, and the elegant colors..

rose garden

The hint of lavender adds a delightful detail.

red roses

This rose garden has about 200 varieties of the flower.

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cute cat

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Unconditional love – that’s one of the best gifts that our pets give us. May is National Pet Month, a celebration of these wonderful companions.

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