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california skyline

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On a clear day, one’s thoughts, like the clouds, float along the sky.

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christmas tree the jewel

Christmas tree seen at the Jewel Mall, Singapore International Airport. The centerpieces of the mall are the huge man-made waterfall and the rooftop canopy garden.

christmas tree california

Christmas tree in Southern California surrounded by the iconic palm trees.


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pots fountain palm spring

A unique fountain in downtown Palm Springs.

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cat elevated platform california

Pet hotels in California must provide elevated platforms for cats.

dDenim official fabric california

Denim is now the official fabric of California.


I read an article about the more than 800 new laws that will take effect in California this year. Two particularly caught my interest.

1. Kennels and pet hotels are required to check on the animals once a day. They must also provide elevated platforms in cat enclosures. I guess this is to ensure that kitty gets its share of perches each day.

2. Denim is now declared as California’s official fabric. This is a recognition of the fabric’s role in the history of the state.

In 1853 Levi Strauss journeyed to San Francisco to make his fortune in the California Gold Rush. He became a businessman. The turning point came when the miners needed strong durable pants. In 1873, Levi and his partner invented the blue jeans.

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California beach

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birds wetlands

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bird at wetlands

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Native American heritage

Native American basketry seen at the Native American Museum at Lake Perris, California.

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shady lake

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