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geese strolling

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yogurt perfection

I like having yogurt for a snack. And I only take those that do not have any animal-based ingredient, apart from the milk component.

I came across this brand Liberte which uses tapioca starch and pectin as thickening agents. The brand doesn’t seem to do much advertising. The website informs that in 1936, Liberte began manufacturing cream and cheeses as a family business near Montreal. As the company grew, their goal was that production maintained a traditional and artisanal character

Glad I found it, because the taste is pretty close to yogurt perfection. The cappuccino is almost as good as having a cup of the drink. The tangy-sweet lemon yogurt and the coconut flavor, reminiscent of lightly toasted coconut, are good enough to have as dessert.

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life lesson from nature

It’s great, of course, when we can see a situation or a problem from the vantage point. But perhaps one of life’s lesson is to see and value perspectives gained from other angles: from the sides, and the hidden ones.

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