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California poppy

Bought this seed packet from the Theodore Payne Foundation Nursery of California native plants. The plant is said to be easy to grow, and will bloom vivid orange flowers in spring.

The Golden Poppy or also known as California Poppy is the State Flower of California.

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roses from my garden

October, the transitional month.

Hanging on to the final blooms, while preparing for the cold that it is already nipping at the edges of the day.

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writer's helpers

Flowers from the garden, to soothe the eyes, while I work on my book.



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flowers and bee

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yellow rose

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cineraria houseplant

The cineraria plant came to my home as a gift. I have to admit that was my first acquaintance with the plant, so I had to find out more about it.

Cineraria can be either a houseplant or an outdoor plant, grown in semi shade. The charming little flowers bloom from winter through spring, providing a much welcomed note of gaiety.

The flowering plant is a native of the Canary Islands, and comes in shades if purple, pink and blue.

The guide that came with the plant states that it needs frequent watering and needs bright filtered light. It does appear to be light and temperature sensitive as it started to wilt when I first placed it near a window. Then I moved it to a cooler spot where it seems to be happier.

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floral beauty

In design, the color purple is often associated with the cold, dark months; a shot of the royal color to add warmth to the room.

But in Southern California, at this time of the year, the jacaranda tree blooms, creating a canopy of purple flowers as one drives or walks along the street.

I didn’t know the name of the tree, until my neighbor, who is originally from South Africa, identified it. She said it is also a popular tree there.

I suppose one could say that the jacaranda is the Southern Californian equivalent of the cherry blossom. In this case, it blooms at a time when spring is soon about to rotate into summer, when the days will be long and hot. Days that somehow need to be grabbed and savored at the same time, before fall slips in again.

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