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not youtube cartoon

(Cartoon courtesy of Woman’s World.)

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zoning out funny animal

Getting pretty adept at ignoring human voices and camera noises.

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cat with blue eyes

“My eyes are my best asset.”

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neighborhood watch animal

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cats sunlightcat summer illustratiion

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fish and food cartoon

Cartoon courtesy of Woman’s World.

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cats romance

Successful dating. (Cartoon courtesy of Woman’s World.)


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Sushi #1

cat who refuses sushi

“The treat’s too fancy for me.”

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celebrating differences

(Cartoon courtesy of Woman’s World.)

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money and marriage

It was reported that Michael Jordan and his new bride signed a prenup. (pic: bet.com)

The rich are different from you and me.

Couldn’t help thinking of this quote when I read about Michael Jordan’s prenuptial agreement with his new bride, model Yvette Prieto.

It was reported that should the couple end up divorcing, she will receive $1 million for every year that they stay married. And if the marriage lasts for 10 years, she will receive $5 million per year in the event of a divorce.

It was also said that the prenup will protect Jordan’s huge fortune.

I guess $1 million is small change to Jordan, in comparison to his total wealth.

Well, what about us regular womenfolk? What do we get, after a year, or several years of marriage. Let me count the ways.

The first year of marriage, he tells you on Valentine’s Day: “This is your day. You don’t have to cook” So we eat out for breakfast, lunch and dinner. As the years go by, the Valentine dining out treats dwindle to two, then one. In some years, the treat metamorphoses into one of those standard heart-shaped box of candies.

The first year, he is all attentive to your words. As the years go by, a husband seems to lose the ability to hear the questions that you ask. Often,you have to repeat two, or even three times, before you get an answer or some kind of response.

Unlike Yvette Prieto, for regular womenfolk, you bank account may or may not grow during marriage.

But, then again, some things do grow in the relationship/bonding account: things like a shared history, and someone who knows your idiosyncrasies, and more importantly, someone who tolerates them.

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