Heritage Patterns

Native American heritage

Native American basketry seen at the Native American Museum at Lake Perris, California.

A Stroll

shady lake

Softly Pink

pink flowers

Almost irresistible…the delicate hues of the New Guinea impatiens. This plant thrives best in part shade areas.

Winged Green

kacang botol winged bean

Ulam, raw vegetables and herbs is integral to Malay cuisine. On the right is winged bean/kacang botol, and part of the dipping sauce shown (at bottom right).

In this post, I would like to highlight an aspect of Malay cuisine – ulam, which is a version of Malay salad.

Ulam consists of a platter of raw vegetables and herbs, and may also include some that have been blanched. It is eaten with a sambal, a spicy chilli-based dipping sauce. Ulam is usually served as part of a rice based meal.

Kacang botol, the green bean shown above is one of my favorites. It has a lovely combination of a crunchy texture and a mildly creamy taste.

Kacang means bean in Malay, and botol means bottle. I’m not sure why it is so named; must be an interesting anecdote somewhere. Incidentally, it is known as winged bean in English, perhaps named after its uniquely shaped edges. Well, it seems like the bean encouraged people to be quite poetic in naming it.

The bean plant grows as a vine, and it is said to be a good source of vitamin A.

Time to Bloom

garden roses

Life lesson from my garden: There is always a season, an interest, an act of kindness or friendship that will help us bloom, at any age.

Tropical Dolphin

malaysian resort

Charming spot at Sunway Resort, Malaysia.

Open Mind

celebrating differences

(Cartoon courtesy of Woman’s World.)


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