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Not Youtube

not youtube cartoon

(Cartoon courtesy of Woman’s World.)

Domestic Discoveries

cats at home vintage paintings

Zinnias Greet the Morning

zinnias sunshine

Sunlit Animals

animal and sun illustration


peacock wedding gift bag

A lovely wedding gift bag.

California Skyline

california skyline

Born in Summer

summer kitten

Dappled Light

dappled light water

Backyard Banana Tree

my banana tree

backyard banana tree

It’s great that the weather in California is warm enough for the banana plant to thrive.

I was very pleased when I noticed that the banana tree in the backyard was bearing fruits. We did have banana trees in my childhood home in Asia, but I never really bothered to see how the fruit grew.

So this time around, it was very interesting to watch the process. The cone-shaped piece at the bottom of the bunch of bananas is actually a delicacy in Malay cooking. It is know as jantung pisang, literally means the heart of the banana. It is usually cooked in a coconut milk based curry/gravy.

The ripened fruit has a firmer texture and a creamier flavor than the store-bought ones.