The Tiny Explorer

explorer cat

The little explorer steps out with a reminder: keep being curious, and to explore new ideas, new hobbies, new and old connections and different places.

Colorful Inspirations

birds kitchenware

Spring means birds: their beauty, the sounds they make, and the natural optimism effect that they bring with them.

A little collage of bird-inspired things from my kitchen.

On a clear day, one’s thoughts, like the clouds, float along the sky.


flower honey bee

The orange blossom casts  a mesmerizing, heady scent,

Drawing the circling, looping bees.

The Floral Elephant

pink elephant

The Promise of Spring

spring hongkong orchid flowers

Orange Tree #2

navel orange closeup

Added a fun touch to the tree: two feathered creatures from the crafts store.

Orange Tree #1

backyard  orange tree

The backyard orange trees harvest is a little early this year.




xmas horses bellagio

Christmas decorations seen last year at The Bellagio Gardens in Las Vegas.