What is Charm —


charming people

“I’m convinced that it’s energy and humor. The two of them combined equal charm.” – Judith Krantz


plants for hummingbirds

I’m always looking for plants and flowers that will keep the hummingbirds coming to the garden.

I found this succulent plant, Aloe Blue Elf, which is said to be a hummingbird’s favorite.

It’s an easy-care plant. It will bloom with small orange-red flowers on tall spikes. And I have been fortunate to see hummingbirds hovering around them, as well as butterflies, too.

Framed Water

lake in southern california

A beautiful spring day in Southern California.

Time to be near a water source, preferably one that has yet to be explored.

Ended up at Lake Perris, with its tranquil views.

Spring #2

spring flower power

Spring #1

yellow flowers

Rainbow of Sweets

kuih or desserts from Malaysia

A selection of Malaysian desserts in petite-sized servings. A favorite is the layered jelly (on the right), especially the one with the creamy white layer, made from coconut milk.


Simple Pleasure

cake treat


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