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lusterware japan toki

Vintage lusterware tea set, from Japan.

Once in a while, I treat myself to a flea market expedition, looking for vintage kitchen ware, something that I really enjoy.

Here are two of my recent finds, and some information that I discovered.

The lusterware tea set bears the brand “Kudo Toki”. It was made in Japan, probably some time between 1920 and 1960. Luster is a type of pottery with a metallic glaze that gives it an iridescent sheen. Lusterware was invented in Egypt and Iraq, and later became popular in England and Japan.

I like the shimmering quality, the classic design and the graceful curves of the handles.

The other is a cake plate with the mark “Schumann, Germany”. The Schumann factory was established in Bavaria, Germany in 1881. And it closed in 1994. The design is called “Wild Rose”, one of its most popular motifs.

schumann cake plate

Schumann, Germany cake plate, with wild rose

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old-fashioned Christmas

The carolers added colorful notes to the event.

Christmas berries and foliage

I enjoyed creating this centerpiece.

Away from the shopping crowds, and it was just as enjoyable.

I spent a day at a Heritage Holiday Christmas event held at the History Park in San Jose. The Park features original and reproduction homes and buildings, giving a glimpse of Santa Clara Valley’s past.

There were lots to see, and at times, it was possible to feel that you were traipsing back into time. I particularly enjoyed visiting the homes that were furnished to reflect the era of the homeowner. The Hill House, for instance, was the home of Andrew P. Hill, a renowned local photographer, artist and protector of the Big Basin redwood trees. He lived there from 1898 and in the parlor there is his beautiful painting of the redwoods that he loved.

There were also interactive events for adults and children, and a popular one was the Christmas Centerpiece workshop organized by the Santa Clara County Master Gardeners. Anyone could just walk in and learn to make a centerpiece using a variety of foliage, pine and berries. A very helpful master gardener, Sylvia, invited me to try my hand, and guided me in putting one together.

My centerpiece might be a little lop-sided, but hey, I still like it.

Ford Model T

A Ford Model T decked out for the holidays. Behind it is the 19th century print shop.

Santa and fire engine

Santa arriving in a gleaming vintage fire engine.

Christmas centerpiece

Visitors could learn to make a Christmas centerpiece. Here, master gardener Dennis showed a few samples.

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