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Each honey has its own distinctive flavor and bouquet.

I learned to appreciate monofloral honey at a farmer’s market in Los Angeles. I found out that while most commercially available honey is blended from two or more kinds of honey, monofloral honey is made primarily from the nectar of one type of flower. Each monofloral honey has a distinctive flavor and color, and can even differ from year to year.

At the farmer’s market food stand set up by a Californian apiary, we sampled different types of honey. I really liked the orange blossom honey with its fresh taste, and I was hooked.

So imagine my delight when driving along the Ventura freeway, I saw a sign “Bennett’s Honey Farm – Honey Tasting Room”. That definitely called for a detour.

In the retail store/tasting room, there was a table where visitors can sample the varieties of pure honey from Bennett’s Farm. The friendly staff encouraged us to taste as many flavors as we liked as each one has its unique personality and bouquet. Bennett’s offers these honey varieties, from the flowers of: orange, sage, wildflower, avocado, eucalyptus, buckwheat and clover. Orange and sage are among the most popular with the visitors who stopped at the farm.

There is a live working bee hive in the store.

I chose the wildflower honey for its light, delightful taste reminiscent of flowers, as well as the avocado honey. Avocado honey is gathered from California avocado blossoms and the avocado honey I tried had a wonderfully unique, buttery taste and was much darker in color. One of the staff said that this year’s batch was exceptionally good that even folks who said that they don’t normally like avocado fruit enjoyed the avocado honey. In fact, it is so rich that even half a teaspoon of the honey is enough to satisfy as a dessert.

It was a fun experience, learning more about honey, a food source that has been cherished for its nutritional and medicinal qualities since ancient times.

Everything connected to honey.

Visitors can also pick up honey skincare products and candles.

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