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Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Mitchell Beckloff seems to have made a wise decision.

Katherine to raise the children.

Katherine will raise the children.

On August 3rd, he appointed Katherine Jackson as the permanent guardian of her grandchildren Prince Michael, 12, Paris, 11 and Prince Michael II, 7. Debbie Rowe was given visitation rights with her children, Prince Michael and Paris.

Katherine will be a stable, loving pillar in their lives. However, there is some debate whether it would be good or detrimental to the children to get to know their mother and adjust to the presence of Rowe in their lives, especially in the light that she has never shown any interest in them. And there is also the perception that she used them as a pawn to get money from Michael Jackson.

I believe, on balance, her participation in their lives would be better for the children. I say this because I have known situations, where after a bad divorce, one of the parents disappears from the child’s life or is prevented from seeing the child. When the child becomes a teenager, he or she would use the Internet to locate the parent.

Rowe gets visitation rights.

Rowe gets visitation rights.

It must be quite painful and sad to grow up wondering who your father or mother is, and why the person is not around in your life. And when the child finds the missing parent, there is the work of starting a new relationship with so much emotional baggage in the background.

That brings us to the youngest child, whose nickname is Blanket. The identity of his birth mother is unknown. Oh, there will be women coming out to claim to be his mother. But let’s hope Michael Jackson had kept some information about Blanket’s mother somewhere under lock and key.

When Blanket is older and is curious to know more about his mother, then he would be able to search for her, and complete this puzzle of his roots.

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