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ladybug garden decoration

I always like to have something whimsical in my spaces.

At a recent arts fair, I came across these bright sculptural decorations for the garden made by Juana Pena. The artist is from South America, and she uses influences from her native land such as bright tropical hues to create her garden elements.

Pena has been making these colorful creatures for about 30 years. She uses mainly copper, brass and steel for her artistic ornaments. Glass marbles used for smaller parts like the eyes add an iridescent accent.

Over the years, the ladybug has remained the most popular item. And bugs in general are the favorite sculptures that folks want to adorn their garden.

A splash of bold color, a little whimsy, often does a lot to brighten a garden.

cow garden ornament

A sunny cow...among the roses.

garden decorations

Sunlight reflecting the colors.

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