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fishing village penang

A high rise condominium building situates behind a fishing community in the island of Penang, Malaysia.

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county park in California

One of the picnic areas with lovely views.


Soothing music of the water.

Mid-week. A sunny winter day. Decided to visit Coyote Lake- Harvey Bear Ranch Park.

Turned out to be a good move as we practically had the park to ourselves. This huge park situated in Santa Clara County has a 635-acre lake, with facilities for fishing, picnic, hiking and camping.

Known as one of the more secluded parks, the road leading to the park itself sets the mood. It’s a 4-mile drive on a narrow, beautifully shaded road, and one can see deer in the nearby woods.

One of the best things about my visit was that when I sat near the water, without any noises in the background, the gurgling of the water was crystal clear. One could just there, listening to this natural “music”.

Santa Clara county park

This fisherman had the whole lake to himself.

Coyote Lake

One can spot deer in the surrounding woods.

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