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words are not simple things fay weldon quote

“Words are not simple things: they take unto themselves, as they have through time, power and meaning.”
– Fay Weldon

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life lesson from nature

It’s great, of course, when we can see a situation or a problem from the vantage point. But perhaps one of life’s lesson is to see and value perspectives gained from other angles: from the sides, and the hidden ones.

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uncivil politics


Minority voters showed their strength in helping to re-elect President Obama.

Obama won 93% of the African-American votes. Pierre Thomas, Senior Justice Correspondent for ABC News, gave an interesting and insightful analysis of the Black community’s overwhelming support in this election.

He first pointed out that African-Americans have a complicated relationship with Obama. The recession has hit the Black community hard, and the unemployment rate among Blacks is higher than the national rate.

But everywhere he went, interviewing African-Americans for his stories, the one thing that stood out was how they felt about the disrespect that some members of the Republican Party had shown towards the President.

People talked about two episodes in particular. One was the time when Obama gave his State of the Union address before a joint session of Congress. Republican Rep. Joe Wilson interrupted the proceedings by yelling out “You lie!”

The other was the moment when Arizona Republican Governor Jan Brewer pointed a finger at the President’s face.

“They told me this is not the kind of America that they want to live in,” Thomas said. And this motivated them to support Obama, and almost totally rejected Romney.

A lesson in politics, EQ and life: do not treat people with disrespect. It never works and will come back to bite you.

brewer finger president

Is this how you talk to the President? Republican Gov. Brewer’s extreme rudeness stayed on people’s mind. (pic: msn.com)

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