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mind escape

juiceHaving your own home is great most of the times.

But there are times when challenges crop up. Like when you’re dealing with property tax bills, and a clogged kitchen sink at the same time.

I tried all kinds of do-it-yourself remedies – bleach, liquid drain cleaner – but they didn’t work. I had stalled calling the plumber, whose fee can almost rival that of a lawyer.

So, in the midst of all this, I kept dreaming about Hawaii. Scenes of lush, verdant greenery….clear, delicate breeze flashed in my sleep.

I looked up dream interpretation dictionaries to see what this dream mean. They all say the same thing: dreams of Hawaii are symbolic of relaxation and leisure, and that the person is attempting to escape from her daily stresses.

Sounded logical, but honestly, I was disappointed with this interpretation. I had been thinking, or anticipating, that there might be a deeper meaning to this dream.

Anyway, a trip to Hawaii seemed unlikely at this juncture. I did the next best thing: attempted to recreate a feel of the restful place of my dreams. Poured fresh pineapple juice in the most resort-looking glassware that I have, put my feet up in the backyard, and tried to let my imagination do the rest.

A short escape. Before I go back to bailing out water from the sink.

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