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long season flowering plant

The blanket flower is an easy-care plant.

It’s almost winter, and the blanket flowers in my front yard are still flowering.

I must confess that I did not know about this plant until spring this year when I first saw the flowers at a nursery. Their lively colors drew me each time I saw them, till I decided to get two plants for my garden.

The blanket flower, also known by its scientific name Gaillardia, is native to North America. It is said that the plant got its common name because some of the people who first encountered the flowers thought that the colors were similar to that of Native American blankets.

Somehow when I think about the blanket flower’s staying power, my thoughts also land on Facebook.  On Facebook, where  individuals can become friends instantly, I have also heard of stories where people you’ve met in real life can “unfriend” you or remove you as a friend, just like that, without giving any explanation. Hmm….that seems  rather cold.

In contrast, given some sun and some water, the blanket flower doesn’t let up and continues to bloom, surprising and delighting the gardener. Now, that’s what I call a star performer.

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