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bellagio troubadour floral dispaly

This Italian Troubadour figure was also part of the Bellagio Gardens summer display. It used

1,000 stems of flowers including red and peach carnations.

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floral display swans

The Bellagio Gardens in Las Vegas is a must-see for those who love flowers and creativity. The lavish floral displays change with the seasons. This summer, the theme was inspired by the romantic landscapes of Italy.

This swan display used over 10,000 feathers, hand-bleached and air-fluffed to add volume. Twelve artists and craftsmen were involved in the design and execution.

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Apples display at Bellagio Gardens

A magnificent fall display featuring apples. The photo was taken at the Bellagio Gardens in Las Vegas.

Fall is the season for apples. With all the varieties available for cooking as well as for decorating, I’m jotting some random thoughts on the fruit:

  • When I was a kid, eating green apples with salt was a favorite treat. In the tropics, where I grew up, the apple had the cachet of being a somewhat exotic fruit for us. My friends and I enjoyed the salt-dipped apples while we sat in our shady backyard, yakking about games and the other neighborhood kids.
  • Today, one of my favorite apple treats is homemade apple crumble, served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.
  • The texture of raw apples helps to “scrub” or clean the teeth.
  • In China, apples symbolize peace.

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