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The baby that brings hope and change. (Pic from The Disney Blog)

The baby that brings hope and change. (Pic from The Disney Blog)

Everybody will love this baby Obama.

The first baby rhinoceros born in Uganda in almost 30 years has been named Obama, because his father is from Kenya and his mother was born in the US, The Telegraph reported recently. Obama’s mother was donated by Disney Animal Kingdom in Florida.

Researchers at the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary, north of the capital Kampala, said that the calf was actually born at the end of June. But they have only recently been able to approach him as the mother was too aggressively protective earlier on. “He’s a real little scamp, running all over the place like crazy, his mum can barely keep up with him,” said Angie Genade, director of the sanctuary in The Telegraph report.

This special arrival delivers hope that the white rhino will thrive again in Uganda.

Some rhino facts:

  • The rhinos’ eyesight is poor but their senses of hearing and smell are extremely acute.
  • The calf does not live on its own until it is about three years old. After two to three years, the mother rhino drives her calf away to live life on its own.
  • The rhino’s horns are made out of keratin which is the same material found in our fingernails.
  • The rhino can sleep both standing as well as lying down.

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